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Benefits to You

Client Focused

Personalized attention starts upon the first meeting, continues through your customized financial plan, is a vital ingredient in the successful implementation of our recommendations and makes our ongoing monitoring of your progress pay off for you. The fees we charge for consultation are on a per hour basis, so the fees are tailored to your needs rather than to your income or assets. We have adapted corporate strategic planning techniques to each individual's situation and serve as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We provide you with alternatives and recommendations, but you make the decisions.

Time Leverage

Generally, people are not necessarily "cash poor", but they are "time poor". That is why we offer a full service approach. We handle in-house the total financial management spectrum - planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring. We save you time by providing leadership to assure your plan is coordinated and implemented with your other professional advisors - your attorney, CPA, bank officer, trust officer, etc.

Action Oriented

A stimulus and a catalyst - we can't make your decisions for you, but we can reduce the complexity of the tax laws, evaluate the proliferation of investment products, prepare alternative estate plans and reduce the confusion of your insurance programs. In short, we give you choices that will fit your situation.


The privacy of information is absolutely essential to our relationship. Rigid ethical guidelines for all of our employees, combined with physical safeguards of your records, guarantee that your situation is kept confidential.